It is Andrew Wiggins Day!!

Today is finally the day everyone will find out where Andrew Wiggins will play college basketball next season.

When yesterday began, Florida State seemed to be the overwhelming favorite, but by last night Kansas had gained ground.

Kentucky feels like a longshot at this point, but it is hard to count out John Calipari on announcement day.

Whichever team Wiggins picks, please don’t tweet foolishness towards him and try to represent the BBN with class. I promise you there are reporters out there just waiting to twitter search and make an entire fanbase look terrible for a few bad apple’s remarks towards an 18 year old making a life choice.

The announcement is set around 12:15pm eastern and if you want up to minute coverage from the signing you should be following the only media member there: @GrantTraylor.

Should be interesting to see how all of this plays out and it looks like Andrew Wiggins is ready for his big day.

  • Denise L Burroughs

    My perception on the people who leave foolish remarks when a player decides to go else where, is that they need to show not only class but maturity as well. It would be wonderful if Wiggins does decide to come to UK, but if he doesn’t we’ll still have the #1 team in the nation! Go Big Blue!