Andrew Wiggins Picks Kansas


The #1 player in the country has made his decision and he will play his college basketball at Kansas.

Wiggins has made the decision to play at Kansas, where very few thought he would play.

Now fans of Kentucky, North Carolina and Florida State can move on and get ready for the 2013-14 season.

  • Spenser Duke Blevins

    Good luck to him, they may make it to a Final 4, but there post play is not to great. should be a lot of highlight dunks for him and Seldon.

  • mgd4cats

    I guess he’s not in it for a national title.

  • Bridget Coogle

    Good luck to you Wiggins…see ya on the other end of the court next year!

  • Kentucky 34

    Good luck wiggins.

  • Mike Gardner

    Andrew, I wish you the best of luck and wouldn’t it be absolutely awesome if Kansas would meet UK in the finals? What a game that will be! Hope it’s so.

  • Brandon Gibson

    :o oh well… guess he doesn’t want a ring….

  • Dale Martin

    Sorry he didn’t want to be part of BBN but I wish him well and hope to see you in the big dance. He will make KU a lot better, don’t think it will make them a NC team.

  • Matt Long

    Do you guys mean an NIT ring? No, I guess he didn’t want one.

  • Dale Martin

    Maybe this will be a blessing, I hear there are some questions about his academic standings. Also, I do think we will be better off without him, I think he was going to clash with some of the other players promoting himself, no doubt he’s a great player but as we seen this past season you gotta play as a team. Don’t be shocked if Kansas is found to have done something outside the box to land him, nobody was picking KU for his choice.