Wildcat Captions #18 – Speechless Yet?


Presenting… our future Wildcats!

Aaron Harrison thinks there is no need for captions. What do you think? – Let’s play Wildcat Captions #18!

What do you think these 6 are thinking as they make the “3-goggles”? What awesome name should this group be called?

Is someone missing in this photo?

Leave your “captions” on the comments box below. Once we have enough entries, we will select the winner.

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  1. Goggles On! Time to Soar 40 and 0 to #9!

  2. “Let’s show them how long we will stay after our freshman season. Yep. Zero.”

  3. “O’Tay!”

  4. Now that I got my suit and tie, I’m gonna leave it all on the floor tonight!

  5. Looking fine but wanting #9!

  6. Darnell Pendergrass

    The super eight

  7. Widcats table for 9. Room for 1 more.

  8. 3 more to tie UCLA!

  9. Call them “The Money Men”, because they are awsome and you can Bank on it.

  10. Call them the ELITE 8

    Call them the ELITE 8

  11. Cause every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed Cat!

  12. I’ll stick with, “Future 2013-2014 NCAA National Champions.”

    Has a ‘ring’ to it, no? ;)

  13. How many losses are we going to have next year?

  14. Look into the light. Last season never happened. You are going to wake up and find out Kentucky won back to back championships.

  15. “Now this is the life!” Wildcat style all the way!

  16. Watch these young stars shine as they play to win for that number nine.

  17. Watch these young stars shine as they play to win for that number nine.

  18. Spenser Duke Blevins

    There saying 3 days till this class gets bigger………Wiggins!

  19. Uhhhhhh We are “NEXT YEARS CLASS” and we sure hope we do better than “THIS YEARS CLASS” which LAST YEAR, was “NEXT YEARS CLASS” hahahahahahaha UK fans may need help figuring this out. LOL

  20. Caption should be…….”Gee, I hope we don’t get “ROBERT MORRIS”

    • Your team will never be ELITE, Cards are very insignificant, We had our 3rd Championship in 1951, so get back to your broken leg.

    • Really from some insignificant POS Louisville fan, we got our 3rd Championship in 1951!! Go back to your own world, always worrying about the CATS, UofL will never be the ELITE. Move on.

  21. roundballwiz@sbcglobal.net

    We’re UK gentlemen, with no flaws in our game.

  22. ZERO:that’s how many games other teams are going to win against us!!

  23. if you like then we Gotta put a Ring on it!

  24. 3 years the title stays in the state! Distinguished gentlemen! Me of course, no really Andrew wiggins!!!