Coach K and His Fathead Not Happy with Loss to Virginia

coach k fathead

Duke lost to Virginia last night and the Cavalier fans stormed the floor.

As you can tell by the picture above, Coach K isn’t happy about it.

We all know Kentucky fans are thrilled.

It is always a good day when Duke loses.

  • David Faulkner

    Several years ago, I heard another celebrated ACC coach call K the ‘sleaze’ of the conference.

  • Gilby

    Actually, this is a rare instance where I was actually rooting for Duke, as much as it pains me to say that. Virginia was a definite bubble team for the tournament going into that game. With our boys in blue finally starting to click together, we actually needed Virginia to lose to better our chances of making a definite appearance this year.

  • Dale Martin

    Whats he crying about, nobody was close to them. BOO HOO you lost cheater, when your not at home with officials in your pocket life isn’t so easy.

  • Dale Martin

    Unlike Mary I wanted Rick to leave for 7 years. I was sick of him and his B@#ch of a wife after 1 year. He never fit in here and screwed so many players over for his benefit. He’s right well we want him. He can recruit and motivate but can’t coach. Talent wins a lot of games. His record against UK is 5-8, two of those wins were against Billy G. He had a losing record against Tubby and 4-1 against Cal. And don’t say Tubby did it with Rick’s players, Rick’s players were gone by the time he got to little brother.

  • Dale Martin

    I know coach k whines about everything but this shows what a sore losing idiot he really is. None of his players were even close to getting hurt and Virgina fans were just celebrating. But this is the chosen one, so I’m sure because he complained rushing the court will be banned everywhere. Will be so glad when this cheating, whiny SOB retires, will be the best thing that could happen to College basketball, then maybe big mouth Dicky V will retire with all his idols, Robert Montgomery Knight and Michelangelo Dean Smith and whiny ass coach K gone maybe he will also and we could watch a game without listening to his idiotic rants.

  • Dale Martin

    Wouldn’t it be nice if UK basketball only left the SEC and became independent. We’re as big as ND, Bama or Texas football and would be fine on our on. We could sign home and home deals with the 12-15 of the best year end and year out. Duke has beaten us the last 4 times we’ve played but it always been in a rebuilding or like this year when we were a player short. Would love to have played them in 09-10 and 11. Just schedule everyone you can to a home and home with the exception of Indiana. If you never been to Bloomington for a game don’t go, you will be treated with more disrespect there than anywhere else you go. The Hoosiers love to speak about their academics but their students act like complete morons. Left there with drinks thrown all over us and IU fans claiming their going to whip you outside, nice place to take wife or child.

  • Dale Martin

    The ACC is already looking into court storming due to coach K crying. If they didn’t cheat so bad at home fans wouldn’t celebrate so much when they get a change for revenge. Please do college basketball a favor and retire, a lot of people is tired watching you turn up your face and whine when you don’t get enough BS calls to screw someone over.

  • April

    I actually agree with Coach K on this one. I just watched his press conference talking about it, and all he wants is for teams to be able to get off the court before they start rushing it. Pretty sure Coach Cal does too sense our guys nearly got trampled by Indiana last season. After that, they can do what they want.