Mark Stoops’ 2013 Class Ranking at an All Time High

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Mark Stoops has accomplished more in 2 months recruiting than any head coach in Kentucky Football history.

The Kentucky Wildcats 2013 recruiting class is currently ranked #27 by and is the highest ranking in school history. The rankings have been printed since 2002 and Kentucky’s previous highest ranking of #36 in 2006.

Mark Stoops didn’t shy away from saying how important the rankings are and if you have listened to the previous staff, that is the exact opposite of how they were portrayed.

When asked if the rankings are important Stoops replied, “I think that’s fair to say, I think it matters a little bit. I think if anything it says to the 2014 class that these guys are serious, they know what they’re doing and they’re going to make a great commitment to recruiting and gives you some credibility, I would say, with y’all and with the people and with the buzz out there. It’s an honest answer. Yeah, let’s not kid ourselves, you want to be higher than not be higher, right?”

Mark Stoops isn’t finished yet either as he answered “yes” to the question if the 2013 class could still grow.

This was an important class for the beginning of the Stoops’ regime, getting 3 of the top 7 recruits in Kentucky, making his mark in Ohio, and half the class coming from Florida.

That is a big change from Stone Mountain, Georgia and thinking Ohio is just a place for terrible drivers.

In other words, things are really looking up for Kentucky Football because Mark Stoops is doing the exact opposite of Joker Phillips and in the eyes of fans that is exactly what they wanted.

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  1. That’s great but I think they were 13 out of 14 in the SEC.

    • 12 out of 14. Still, it is better than being last and I am certain that we will keep moving up the recruiting ranks if Stoops really comes out hard his first season.

    • I think it says more about the SEC than it does about UK. I think he’s made a great first impression, don’t you?