Jaleel Hytchye argued with Louisville coach


Mark Stoops got Jaleel Hytchye to commit in January, but according to an interview with ESPN he had gone into an argument with one of the Louisville coaches. Persistent much?

I had a low-key argument with one of the coaches. We were going back and forth. He said, ‘We’re winning championships at Louisville,’ and I said, ‘We’re winning championships at Kentucky.’ He said, ‘We’re going to a bowl game,’ and I said, ‘We’re going to a bowl game.’ He said, ‘Who are you going to beat? Alabama? Florida?’ and I said, ‘We’ll eventually get there.’”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jbird211 Jason Burnett

    What Championships are UL winning?? Please answer????????

  • Jethro

    big east championship

    • jason m.

      UK could win a big east championship in football.

      • http://www.facebook.com/mwellen3 Matthew Wellen

        your a morn for thinking that

        • stu

          morn ?

      • http://twitter.com/JBottoms3 Jeff Bottoms

        uk couldn’t beat a middle tier team in football in the big east!

      • Scott Reed


    • UofLCards

      UK couldn’t win an OVC championship!

  • bleedinblu05

    Last I knew there was only one championship and the trophy for that one is down in Tuscaloosa.

    • ukjb

      When I said that, I was laughed out of Louisville by all the fans. They said they are the sugar bowl champions … to which I suggested that makes us the three time music city bowl champions… what a joke.

      • Card4life

        BCS = Bowl Championship Series ….. hmm I do see championship in that.. Losers you’d love to win a BCS game, hell when y’all beat a UT team with a losing record y’all treated it like a championship…

        • ukjb

          BCS is almost dead… no more championship talk until you win a tournament… that’s how real champions are crowned. This weak ass system where multiple “champions” exist was a wet dream for teams that wouldn’t even qualify for a 4 team tournament.

          • Card4life

            Might be watching us in that big game next year, a lot of folks talking about the Cardinals in the top 10 to start the season, and we have a pretty weak schedule… What a season in basketball you guys are having by the way.. Can’t wait until y’all play the 1 good team in the SEC (Florida) so y’all are really exposed…

          • ukjb

            Might be, but i doubt it.. and i wouldn’t talk too much about Kentucky’s season…
            Louisville basketball ain’t doing too hot lately either, We both have only one win against a ranked opponent, we just had the unfortunate situation of losing to some weaker teams early in the season when the entire team was still a bunch of high school kids… and just so we’re clear… you only beat those high school kids at home by three… i can only hope we see you again in the tournament.

  • Catfanshavenoteeth

    What a retarded recruit. What kind of championship does UofK have a shot at in football? They’ve sucked since the beginning of time and will continue to suck for more centuries. Can’ t wait to see him crying come next football season.

    • ukjb

      its real easy to talk smack to a kid that didn’t want to go to your program.. what a tough guy you must be…

  • Scott Reed

    You have to like the kids optimism. History suggests otherwise.

  • ukjb

    Wow.. .there are a LOT of hater troll Louisville commentators in a Kentucky Forum… do you guys recirculate our week old stories when we’re done with them?

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