Someone punch Henderson right in the mouth


As we prepare for Ole Miss, I would like to say…. I’d love to see someone punch this guy right in the mouth!!

Preferably Alex Poythress.

Jason McIntyre of bigleadsports wrote

He’s also the leading scorer in the SEC (19.2 ppg), and a jersey-popping, buzzer-beating, Coors Light-drinkin‘ savior to the Ole Miss basketball program. The Rebels are 17-2, and unbeaten in the SEC (6-0). Riding a 9-game winning streak, mighty Kentucky comes to town tonight in a heavily-anticipated matchup that will be on ESPN at 9 pm.

Here are Coors-light sponsored photos of the “bad boy” of SEC.

picture-523 picture-411 marshall-henderson-coors-light

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    Haha thats pretty funny, the old guy saying “what a jackass” I actually really just heard about this guy being the leading scorer and what not. The first couple mins of the game I despised him for his antics. But, that kinda changed thru the game, I dont think hes that big of a punk