Kentucky, Is it time for a new Slogan?


Kentucky best known for horse racing, bourbon and college basketball.

Advertising professionals and Kentucky natives Griffin VanMeter and Whit Hiler want the state to replace its current slogan, Unbridled Spirit, with — Kentucky Kicks Ass.

“Go ahead and Google ‘unbridled spirit’ and you know what you come up with? Horseback riding lessons — in San Antonio,” VanMeter says in the video.

Featured on NPR.

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  • Christine Campbell Hayden

    Hey I’m a huge fan have been since 2009 I love uk I hope the young cats can show the US what’s up and win it again soon…. good luck guys I am a patient at uk as well I support u guys no matter what!!!! Good luck boizzz….

  • Tim Carl

    No thank you !!!!! We don’t need to treat donkeys bad by kicking them. How about Kentucky wants you to know God loves you!!.

  • Kylnn May Tackett Porter

    Excuse me!!!!!! We are a class that exceeds no other when it comes to our Slogan…..BIG BLUE NATION…..NATION OF BLUE….then you put a slogan Kentucky Kicks Ass……EVERYONE KNOWS THIS…WE DONT HAVE TO RUB IT IN. Lets keep our class. Yes we kick ass that so goes without saying people. Get a grip stick to what people know……KENTUCKY ROCKS. It goes without saying.

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