Eric Bledsoe needs to be more vocal, has to yell


“It’s hard,” Bledsoe said. “Very hard. But that’s the point guard’s job. Chris does it a lot. That’s why he’s the great point guard he is.”

Stepping into the shoes of a point guard as “opinionated” as Chris Paul can be a quite a feat Bledsoe needs to overcome. Although quick, athletic, dynamic, ambitious and aggressive, Bledsoe has got to keep growing. ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne talked about Eric Bledsoe and how he has to work on finding his voice.

And Bledsoe doesn’t just need to talk more, he needs to yell. Keep players accountable the way Paul does. Tell them where to go. Point it out when they don’t.

“All the veterans always tell me: Talk up. Be more vocal. Yell at me sometimes,” Bledsoe said with a laugh. “Chris, Chauncey [Billups], coach [Robert] Pack, they’re all always telling me it’s alright to
yell at a couple guys on the team. Even though we have a veteran crew, they kind of respect it.”

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