Coach Cal wants UK to lose composure



In an interview with Kyle Tucker at Courier Journal, Calipari was asked if he will talk to his team to stay composed at Ole Miss.

ON WHETHER HE’LL TALK TO THE TEAM ABOUT STAYING COMPOSED AT OLE MISS – ESPECIALLY IF HENDERSON STARTS YAPPING: “Oh, I’d like us to lose our composure. That’s what I’m looking for. Like, lose your composure. Get mad. Get angry. Be mad to be great. (Pretends to be moping, then getting bumped by someone) ‘Oh, sorry.’ What? Be mad. And if he talks to you, talk back to him. I mean, just be mad. Compete, fight, battle, toughness, swagger. It’s hard to have a swagger when you’re ducking and you’re running. You gotta dig your heels in. That’s why I’m saying all this stuff is good for our team. If we’re going to get it, it’s competing in games like this and learning and growing.”


    Since when does UK need to worry about Ole Miss? Who is this Henderson dude and why is he flapping his gums all of a sudden?