Karl Towns will Announce His College Tomorrow Morning

The top 2015 recruit in the country, Karl Towns, will announce his college decision in the morning and from what it sounds like it can’t come soon enough.

“It’s not my thing,” said Towns, a sophomore at St. Joseph (Metuchen, N.J.). “I’m just a little different. I don’t like all of the attention all the time. It’s obviously early for me, but when the coaches can start calling and things like that I know it’ll get way crazier. I just want to end it before it starts.”

Towns will do that Tuesday at 10 a.m. ET when he announces what college he plans to attend on a local TV station.

Towns will decide between Kentucky, Michigan State, Indiana, Duke, Rutgers, Florida, N.C. State and Seton Hall.

“At this point, I just have no idea where I want to go,” Towns said. “My parents ask me every day if I think I know and I always go back and forth with it. I honestly think I’ll know the morning of the decision. All I know is that it’s time.”

I am sure he is trying to keep his decision a secret, but in my opinion, if he doesn’t pick Kentucky in the morning someone has taken over his body and will say another school.

Here is how hard Karl Towns is working towards the next level:

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