Video: Morehead State’s Sean Woods Goes Off On A Player

Morehead State’s Devon Atkinson fouls out after committing his fifth foul against Kentucky’s Archie Goodwin. Morehead State head coach (and former Kentucky player) Sean Woods gets upset presumably after Atkinson mouthed off to him. Atkinson goes to the bench on the verge of tears.

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  • Paul Roberts

    If that was my kid Sean Woods would be carrying an a$$ whoppin right now.

  • gavin demurry

    He sucks !!! Coached his team to foul and then treats them like sh*t when they do. Does not belong in coaching.

  • sarahthequitter

    A thug coaching a team of thugs. That was a joke last night, To pull that stunt in Rupp was a disgrace.

    • Tammy Stith Cook

      I don’t think his team is thugs, they played good for him.

    • aaronjwells32

      Coach Cal has pulled that stunt many times in Rupp Arena. There was nothing wrong with what Coach Woods did or what Coach Cal has done in the past.

      • Jamie Couch

        To coach is to lead. Verbal aggression may be sometimes needed… But physical aggression shows an inability to be able to verbally and meaningfully communicate. Coaching IS communication. Woods was close to the upset and his aggression was more over the realization that it was over than the player.. The player fouled out just in time for coach to blow his gasket and blame it on the kid who played his guts out am way above his potential.

        • Sherry Covey

          I was disgusted by Coach Woods.

      • Sherry Covey

        I totally disagree with you. These kids are still teenagers and if a teacher would have done this to one of your kids, you would yank him up in court.

  • Tammy Stith Cook

    I lost respect for Sean Woods after this. I think he could of handle this differently!

  • aaronjwells32

    I’m shocked at these responses. What was so wrong about that? As a player, you get laid into by coaches every once in a while, and I was always told growing up that if a coach isn’t yelling at you, he’s not paying attention to you so learn to take it and grow from it. It’s also ironic that we have a bunch of UK fans talking about what a disgrace Coach Woods was last night because of this incident, but we quickly forget Coach Cal’s tirades on our sideline (has everyone forgotten the lashing given to Terrance Jones last year that involved throwing the “F” bomb on national TV?). It’s part of the game. If you can’t take it, you shouldn’t be playing sports (and I bet Coach Woods talked to that player after the game to build him back up – you have to break these kids down to build them up stronger).

    • Sherry Covey

      All I can say is that as a die hard UK fan and loving Sean Woods when he played for KY and happy that he is back coaching in KY, I was disgusted at how he treated that player. It would be different if the player had scored a lot of points and losing him would have been hard on the team, but what he did was uncalled for. I am embarrassed for UK and Morehead. UK that we have an ex player/now coach who acted like that, and Morehead that they had to be embarrassed. It’s a good thing that this student wasn’t mine, because I would have made went off on Mr. Woods.

  • Scott Bohannon

    I agree that Coach Cal has had his tirades in the past, but they’ve been all vocal, NOT physical! There is NO excuse for what Sean Woods did… he should be disciplined just like Bobby Knight was when he acted out against his players in this way. Remember, our coaches, whoever and wherever they are, must be held to a higher standard!

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