Sounding Like Kentucky Football has Their Man

The Kentucky Football coaching search is winding down and it sounds like Mitch Barnhart has found his man to lead Kentucky Football.

All the talk on twitter is that Florida State defensive coordinator Mark Stoops could be named the next head coach as soon as today.

Many are calling this a homerun hire for Barnhart as Stoops brings a strong recruiting base in Florida and Ohio.

As many have already stated, he is a native of Ohio and coached high school football there, was a college assistant at Arizona, Miami, and currently at Florida State.

Although he has no college head coaching experience, Stoops is already a “brand name” in college football, with two brothers(Bob and Mike) having been or are currently head coaches.

Unless something crazy happens in the 11th hour, it sounds like Mark Stoops will be the next head football coach at the University of Kentucky.

Does that satisfy the Kentucky Football fan?

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I love covering the Kentucky Wildcats and even though I can't cheer on the outside when I go to games now, I am definitely cheering on the inside. You can follow me at @SAndersonNOB on twitter.
  • Josh White

    If it happens, it’s a good hire. It may not be the most glamorous hire, but you get a guy from a deep coaching lineage who is a defensive mastermind and brings with him the Florida and Ohio pipeline.

  • Kevin S. Ramsey

    I hope it happens…. now all we need is a great offensive mind to get this offense on track and then we have a great future ahead of us!!!

  • Kevin S. Ramsey

    not to mention that he is coming from Florida State and has a dislike for Florida as well, maybe we can get that monkey off our back soon too!!

    • Rob

      Hes so great. “didnt Florida just beat this world renowned defense this guy has ? lol seriously ? this was a terrible hire!!!!!

      • UKCATSFAN71

        Way to stay positive sport!

  • Kevin

    It opens recruiting possibilities yes, but this Stoops is not a great recruiter. His name will do more for the program than his ability to recruit. He was brought to FSU to coach, others there handle the recruiting. But for Kentucky, this is a good hire.

  • Frankie Landrum

    Its a done deal!

  • hornplayer48

    I wouldn’t think that will satisfy the UK fan base. The UK fan base has put up with “looks like a good guy to take a chance on for WAY too many years! Mitch Barnhart needs to hire someone with a PROVEN record of success, PERIOD! I forsee the very good possibility that Stoops could easily be not up to the hype that he brings. and in 3 years time UK and its fan base could easily be in the same position it is in now, has been in for the past 30 years and looking to try again.

    Where UK screwed up is when they did NOT hire Steve Spurrier when the opportunity arose. They chose to bring Joker in as CIW rather than drop Brooks and bring in Spurrier who at the time would have been not only recruitable to UK, but could have taken UK to heights not seen since Bear Bryant.

    The Football debacle at UK is ongoing and has been for 60 years! It is time for the AD to step up and make the Big hire rather than a good maybe!


      Yeah, because Saban, Myles, Spurrier, (insert other big boy name here), was beating down MB door to come to UK and coach.

      • hornplayer48

        Well Miles, Saban, Spurrier (insert other big boy name here) might be interested if UK was willing to pay more than minimum wage for a Head Coach

        • UKCATSFAN71

          Seriously. You think either of those guys would come to UK when their way (other than Spurrier) path was literally paved {tradition, great recruiting bases, facilities, support of their respective university} to the SEC/BCS championship game(s)? C’mon man. OK, I’ll bend on this, IF UK offered one of them 10M a year, he may have brought his furniture to Lexington. (Thank you for the correct spelling of Les Miles)

  • hornplayer48

    CBS Sports is reporting that Stoops has been hired as the next Kentucky Head Football Coach

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