Players Think Nerlens Noel and Kyle Wiltjer are Most Overrated

Athlon Sports has conducted an anonymous poll with college basketball players across the country and have asked them questions about certain subjects that are basketball related and non-basketball related.

Kentucky Basketball has several mentions, including the most overrated players that the anonymous players have played against.

Who is the most overrated player you have faced?
Nerlens Noel, Kentucky (6.8%)
Kyle Wiltjer, Kentucky (6.8%)
Michael Snaer, Florida State (5.5%)
Aaron Craft, Ohio State (4.1%)
Austin Rivers, Duke (4.1%)
Mason Plumlee, Duke (4.1%)
Patric Young, Florida (4.1%)
Trey Burke, Michigan (2.7%)
Pierre Jackson, Baylor (2.7%)
Josh Smith, UCLA (2.7%)
Cody Zeller, Indiana (2.7%)

Notable: 20 players received at least one vote, including 2012 NBA first-round draft picks Terrence Jones (Kentucky), Marquis Teague (Kentucky) and Royce White (Iowa State).

John Calipari was also mentioned as coaches they wish they could have played for and coaches they would never play for. Ironic, huh?

Rupp Arena also gets some love as the most favorite place to play games in, other than their own arenas.

  • Jonathan DeShetler

    they also list “Billy Gillispie, Recently fired Texas A&M (23.3%)” which leads me to believe there is no validity to this poll. There’s nothing recent about him being at A&M.

  • J.Bird

    play for?
    Billy Gillispie, Recently fired Texas A&M (23.3%)
    Frank Martin, South Carolina (16.4%)
    Bob Knight, Retired (9.6%)
    John Calipari, Kentucky (6.8%)
    Bob Huggins, West Virginia (4.1%)
    Notable: 16 other coaches received at least one vote. 
    Mike Krzyzewski, John Calipari, Mike Davis, Randy Bennett, Bob Huggins and Rick Byrd were mentioned on both lists above…………

    See something funny about this? Besides the “Billy G & Texas A&M thing??

    • J.Bird

      It said “Which coach do/did you not want to play for”

  • Todd Raney

    How do I unsubscribe from your stupid facebook postings? Your blog is as bad as the bleacher report. A real fan doesn’t post this crap.

    • Paramount

      This is news pal, it just doesn’t happen to be overly flattering news about our guys. You want to be one of the guys with your head stuck in the sand, afraid to see anything negative about the cats? That’s not reality bro. I love the cats, but some people are going to hate them…that’s the way it is.

      • Todd Raney

        Hey Paramount, it isn’t news. It isn’t even a real poll. I have been researching it. I don’t have my head stuck in the sand, I don’t blast any schools, and I can’t stand immature morons like you, telling me what to think. I just happen to think Nation of Blue is a shitty blog, and the journalism ranks along the lines of the National Enquirer. Reminds me of people who just love conjecture and twisting the facts. People like that are just trying to compensate for something they lack!

        • ukjb

          Then don’t read nation of blue… Other people like reading about all the hate… People don’t hate you if you aren’t relevant.

        • immachure

          A fella that can’t figure out the complexities of operating Facebook probably doesn’t need to be throwing around names like “moron.”

  • LycanXIII

    Noel’s only played in 5 games. They must have talked to those 5 schools for him to be at the top.

  • Paramount

    There were separate sections for play for and play against. The following was the play FOR part:

    Mike Krzyzewski, Duke (21.9%)

    John Calipari, Kentucky (12.3%)

    Brad Stevens, Butler (9.6%)

    Roy Williams, North Carolina (6.8%)

    Lorenzo Romar, Washington (4.1%)

    Bill Self, Kansas (4.1%)

    Shaka Smart, VCU (4.1%)

  • BearKiller1

    And just who cares about this BS poll?? Pure stupidity! Just trying to stir up something. What happened to responsible sports reporting? It’s pretty interesting to note that it is “Anonymous”….makes me question if this bunch made it all up.

  • Josh Roberts

    Guess they only asked the teams that played UK.I think this site is really ran by a bitter cards or hoosier fan!!!!