Kentucky Drops to 20 in Power Rankings

Kentucky is now at 4-2 and with losses to Duke in the Champions Classic and Notre Dame last night and everything Coach John Calipari has said early in the season has come true.

His team is young, he doesn’t know how they were going to play on any given night, and people need to be drug tested for ranking his team so high this early in the season.

Last night’s dismal shooting and defense proved Kentucky’s youth will go through a lot of learning experiences and Luke Winn of has finally listened to Coach Cal’s coach speak.

That, and he watched the game last night.

The Kentucky Wildcats have dropped to #20 in the power rankings and they are ranked behind such teams as #16 Wichita State and #19 Ohio.

Duke is #1, Indiana #2, and Louisville is at #5. Oh, and Notre Dame is at #10.

We all know these rankings really don’t mean a whole lot, but it does show the Wildcats have a long way to go to make it back to the top 10.

  • Anthony Vicars

    My guess is they may drop out of top 20 with last nights performance.