Has Mark Stoops already Offered the Offensive Coordinator’s Job?

As soon as Mark Stoops was named the head coach at Kentucky yesterday, the first question was who was going to be the offensive coordinator.

Everyone knows that Stoops will handle the defense, but the offense is now a focus point, especially for the fans.

Many around the program would love to see Texas Tech OC and former Wildcat Neal Brown come back to Lexington with his high powered offense, but it sounds like Mark Stoops has other plans.

Sounds like we could know as soon as today who the new offensive coordinator will be for Mark Stoops and Kentucky.

My guess is if Coley takes the job there is no way Neal Brown comes to Kentucky as some have speculated.

  • Jennifer Campbell

    I’m surprised Jimbo Fisher would allow his Offensive Coordinator to go to Kentucky when he already has to replace Stoops on Defense? Unless he is planning on going in a different direction on both sides of the ball anyway?

  • http://www.facebook.com/fudtbear Keith Thornsberry

    Are they gonna bring the Tomahawk Chop with them too?