Bobby Knight Assigned To Duke Vs. Kentucky In Champions Classic

Bobby Knight is actually going to call a Kentuck’s game Vs. Duke in the Champions Classic!

This is either the moment you’ve been waiting for or the worst scenario for anyone that can’t get Tom Leach on the radio.

You know it will be bad but it’s going to be even worse considering that former Knight assitant, Mike Krzyzewski, will be going head to head with Calipari.

If there’s anything you would like to tell ESPN about this decision, please feel free to do that here.. (just trying to help our readers :) )

[H/T ] – You rock Wireman ;)


And in case you forgot why we’re not fans of Bobby Knight, here’s a little reminder.

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I was taught from an early age to love UK! My two favorite teams are UK and whoever plays UofL. I know some fans think that's a little crazy, but that's normal for someone growing up in southeast KY. Follow me on twitter @GO_CATS


  1. This is not going to work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listening to Dick Vitale is bad enough but I cannot stand Knight! Hes jealous of Coach Cal !

  2. It’s not surprising. Let him call the game, it’s fine. He’ll make himself look like a fool.

  3. Thank you for the ESPN link, I took the time to fill the entire 500 character limit about the disappointment all UK fans share with ESPN selecting Bob Knight to broadcast a nationally televised game.

  4. Why does ESPN do us this way???

  5. Bobby Knight is a joke and should not be taken seriously. I hate that he will be calling the game. Such a disgraceful person! Coach Cal is a class act, cares very much about his players, the university and the Lexington community.

  6. I sent ESPN an email, too. I really don’t want Bobby Knight to spoil things when I watch UK play.

  7. disqus_Eel6vo4hRN

    Knight is just jealous of coach cal an the university of kentucky an yes this will suck having to listen to knight an vitale at least we get a shot a duke. That is all that matters GO CATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I sent them an email with my feelings to ESPN, lets flood them with emails and show them the the Ky Fans deserve more than Bobby Knight