Billy Gillispie says Kentucky is Overrated

If you didn’t already know, Billy Gillispie is now an analyst for a show called Campus Insiders.

You have to see this.

Billy Gillispie's Kentucky Prediction by CampusInsiders

As we all know, Billy Gillispie probably isn’t the most trusted source of information.

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About Scott Anderson

I love covering the Kentucky Wildcats and even though I can't cheer on the outside when I go to games now, I am definitely cheering on the inside. You can follow me at @SAndersonNOB on twitter.


  1. Have another beer Billy….it will be alright! What a loser!

  2. Is he still drunk? UK will be in the Final Four again this year. What does this loser know about talent with his terrible run at UK.


    He’s a f@cktard.

  4. fulsomefuddle2

    We wouldn’t be overated if Dakota Euton was on the team.

  5. Sounds like someone has a case of BitterButt!

  6. He didn’t really say anything out of line. Even Cal has said it…not so directly. On All-Access Cal said he hopes we’re as good as everyone thinks we are, otherwise everyone will be disappointed. We’re still young. And I doubt we’ll rampage through our schedule like we did last year. But in the end, I do see a deep run come March.

  7. Who in the world is going to believe this drunk bastard!!!!!

  8. Is there anyone out there who really cares what he thinks or says?

  9. Was he chugging bourbon and reminiscing about the good ole days when he decided to say this? Yes now the team is immature and overrated but wait for march.

  10. Creighton???? In the final 4???? Florida will be the national champions??? Has he traded the bottle for a crack pipe??

  11. hes a damn idiot

  12. I think he has been blowing one goat too many….Him and the Sutton Family should do the Dutch Rudder

  13. Creighton Blue Jays?!! WOW!! How does the anchor not question him on that one? I guess because BC an expert at getting teams to the final four?

  14. Are you previous posters deaf? BCG said they are little overrated “RIGHT NOW”. Plus, he didn’t say anything that thousands don’t already know. Don’t let the headline get your blood pressure up. The writer of this did exactly what he wanted…got visitors to this article. I guess it was very difficult to add “right now” in the headline. It looks like Tipton wrote it. Looks like the writer isn’t exactly “the most trusted source of information” either. I guess he’s drunk.

  15. I can smell his breath from here! How can you believe a man who loses two million dollars in a ponzie scheme. After you loose your commentary job ,Pilot is hiring lot lizard since your good at flapping that jaw!

  16. Did your Rice Krispies tell you the final four pics?