Kentucky Heavy Favorite for Harrison Twins

The Harrison Twins announcement tomorrow is the hottest topic around right now and it seems like every one has an opinion on their decision.

Adam Zagoria spoke to AAU Grassroots legend Sonny Vaccaro and he gave his opinion on the situation.

“If they pick Kentucky it’s a logical move because since [head coach] John [Calipari]‘s been at Kentucky the kids have done well,” Vaccaro told from his California home. “His teams have won a national championship. It’s a logical move.

“The surprise would be if they didn’t pick Kentucky. Kentucky almost has to win [the battle for the twins]– no matter what the gain is — to show that they’re not losing it.”

The Harrison twins are widely seen as one-and-done players, and nobody does one-and-done better than Calipari.

In the wake of last year’s NCAA championship alone, Kentucky sent four freshmen to the NBA Draft, including the No. 1 and 2 picks in Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

“It’s almost like [Kentucky] is a heavy favorite,” Vaccaro said. “If they lose, it really goes against the brand and John.”

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  1. Sonny is a (former) Nike man, so idk if what he says makes us a true favorite, sure hope he’s right tho