Don’t Worry Kentucky Fans, James Young Won’t Decommit

How could James Young not play for Kentucky now with his new tattoo?

Not saying I was ever thinking he wouldn’t play for Kentucky next season, but if there were ever a done deal, that picture should do it.

I would have probably just bought a t-shirt or something….

  • Matt

    Dude that’s a lion not a wildcat. What does that have to do with committing to UK?

  • Michelle

    That is commitment! Welcome James to the BBN!

  • cain

    i lion is a wildcat

  • KyJones64

    Welcome to The Big Blue Nation Mr. Young!!! You are now part of a Nationwide Family, actually a Global Family that will take you in with open arms and welcome you. You are now part of the priveledged few that have passed through the golden doors of The University of Kentucky and Rupp Arena. Hold your head up high young man . . . . . You are now a part of Royalty!!!