Re: State of Kentucky Could Require Annual UK-UofL Game by Law

[QUOTE=Joseph Baker;49101]

The Kentucky General Assembly is attempting to process a bill that would make it law for the CATS and Cards to play each year.

Now, I don’t live in Kentucky myself, and though I do value the rivalry and appreciate the idea of it being something we can count on every year for a long time, but I am confident in saying there has to be something the taxpayer’s money could be better spent on than legislating college sports games.


This is ridiculous and nothing but a mockery of our Government and very degrading to our taxpayers. if these guys have nothing better to do then maybe they should get real jobs. I am a tried and true Blue Uk fan but this is too much. They should vote on a pay raise for Correctional officers in the state since we are the 4th lowest paid in the U.S. !!

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