Why Should Kentucky Play FCS Teams?

Yesterday’s victory for Joker Phillips was a huge win for his continued tenure as head football coach at the University of Kentucky, but you couldn’t tell by the fan base.

Comments like “YEA BUDDY TIME TO GIVE THE JOKE A BIG EXTENSION WE JUST BEAT A GOOD HIGH SCHOOL TEAM,” and “Yeah, um, it’s not a win when it’s such a lame team” have me wondering if it is really beneficial to play teams that are not in the BCS.

I understand the reasoning for playing them(to get a win), but is it really beneficial to the Kentucky football program for doing it?

I for one think it was a huge confidence boost for this football team to have fun playing football, especially when they have lost 4 games in a row and have to go right back to the SEC gauntlet next week.

But, wouldn’t a win over an Indiana team(that we used to play), or maybe a team like Duke or North Carolina that could at least get the fans excited for a rivalry game, be more beneficial for the coach and the team in the long run?

Jacksonville State, who erroneously being favored in USA Today had already made a mockery of the program, could have drove the stake in the Joker Phillips era by beating the 2-4 Wildcats in Commonwealth Stadium.

Instead, the Cats did exactly what they set out to do and that was dominate a FCS opponent at home.

Basically, the Cats won and the fan base expected it, but if they lost they are running Joker Phillips out on a rail.

Joker Phillips is fighting a no win situation from the fan base as he is damned if he does and fired if he doesn’t.

So why not schedule an opponent that will at least help the validity of it’s coaches and it’s players at this point in the season?

That or it will at least shut up the fans so they learn how to enjoy a win.

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