Who is UK Football’s college BASKETBALL equivalent?

A while back we did a piece called “who is college football’s equivalent to UK basketball?” and the eventual winner was the Michigan Wolverines. Many variables factored into that outcome: Wins, All-Americans, Conference Championships and National Championships. When trying to decide who UK football’s college basketball equivalent is, the variables change…drastically. Brace yourself, this could suck.

Let’s cover the UK stats first. Kentucky football is responsible for the following: A post-season record of 8-6, 1 claimed national title (1950), 2 conference titles, a winning percentage of .504 and 10 all-time All-Americans. These aren’t exactly fantastic numbers, in fact it’s rather humbling. So, which college basketball team has a similar history?

The Depaul Blue Demons – Depaul is so mediocre, they have it as a major (credits of course transferable to schools such as the University of Louisville). $20 bucks to the first person to name any Depaul player ever. I’m joking, no Depaul players have any names, ok maybe George Mikan BUT THAT’S IT. Depaul has a decent number of post-season appearances, 2 total final 4′s and only one championship to their credit: 2004 Conference USA champs (the hell, Louisville?) As sucky as Depaul is, they’re too sucky for the Football cats.

The Marquette Warriors\Golden Eagles – We may be shooting a little high here because Marquette is seemingly relevant every year. In fact last year, they were one of 3 Big East (or as i call them, Big Not gonna be around much longer) teams to make the sweet 16 last year. They make the tourney almost every year and have 3 final fours and a national title to boot. Marquette is not quite sucky enough.

THE WINNERS (or losers in this case) are the Auburn Basketball Tigers.

Sorry, I’m back, just threw up a little. As good as Auburn is at football, they are just as bad at basketball, which is another fair comparison since the same could be reciprocated to UK about it’s basketball team. Auburn had one year of relevance and it involved a daisey duke looking, well paid college athlete, Charles Barkley. The tigers have 2 conference season titles, 4 sweet 16′s and the best finish by an Auburn team was the elite 8 in 1986. AU can build as many arenas as they want, fire and hire as many coaches as they want and shave as much grafitti in their head as possible and they will still always be Auburn basketball.

Does UK football share the same fate? As high as UK football fans were in 2007 after beating LSU, they came crashing back down to earth when UK lost 4 of the last 6 games of the season. Will any coaching change make a long lasting difference? Will UK ever get highly touted recruits on a regular basis? Will UK ever win the SEC…East? Will UK ever beat Tennessee or Florida in our lifetimes? If you answered “no” to any or all of these i have 3 words for ya, “War damn mediocre”.

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