Elite 24 Players say what celebrities they want to see at the game

ESPN.com interviews all of the participants of the Boost Mobile Elite 24 game, which will be played tomorrow night on ESPNU.

See who Shabazz Muhammad, DaJuan Coleman, and Nerlens Noel tell who they want to see at the game, and if you can’t guess who Nerlens wants to see by looking at his haricut..then think back to Bel-Air..

[URL="http://rise.espn.go.com/Boys-Basketball/Videos.aspx?id=0432f43c-cc82-4df6-a4f6-9879fef3d678"]Wishing Upon a Star[/URL]

There have been many celebrities at Kentucky games since Calipari, who would you like to see in Rupp this year?

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