Archie Goodwin will be at Peach Jam

One of the top shooting guards in the class of 2012 has been out of action with a broken wrist and had to miss the 1st week of the July evaluation period.
[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK] Archie Goodwin has decided one week was enough, and he is going to give it a go this week at the Peach Jam.

[URL=""][I]A1Laflare10[/I][/URL][URL=""][I] 9:47am via Echofon [/I][/URL] [I]What you guys think about me playing in Peach Jam?[/I] [URL=""][I]A1Laflare10[/I][/URL][URL=""][I] 9:52am via Echofon [/I][/URL] [I]Even though my wrist is about 50 percent I’m still going to play[/I] [URL=""][I]A1Laflare10[/I][/URL][URL=""][I] 10:02am via Echofon [/I][/URL] [I]I’m going to be smart about my situation[/I] [URL=""][I]A1Laflare10[/I][/URL][URL=""][I] 10:46am via Echofon [/I][/URL] [I]I can’t let my team go to war without me[/I]

I was wondering last week how much Goodwin missing the 1st week could effect his recruiting process, and it looks like he might be thinking the same thing.

Coach Cal, I am sure, will be at the Peach Jam and it will interesting to see how well Archie can perform with the wrist still not 100%.

I do like him still playing even though he is injured, and shows his desire and love for the game.

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