Jared Lorenzen Top Passer in UIFL

This being the first year of the Ultimate Indoor Football League, one would think the quality of talent would not be very high and games would be boring and noncompetitive.

Jared Lorenzen definitely isn’t boring and he gives the UIFL some star power.
[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK] The Hefty Lefty, who plays for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters, has went wild since deciding to strap on the helmet again and even though he might be a little heftier than he was at Kentucky and the New York Giants, one thing hasn’t changed.

He still has a cannon.

Jared is leading the UIFL in passing with 2896 yards for a 263 yards per game average. He also leads the league in total offense with a 268.5 yards per game.

His 66 passing touchdowns are good enough for 2nd in the league, just 1 behind the leader.

Surprisingly, Jared is also good enough for 6th in rushing in the league. Keep in mind there isn’t a lot of running in UIFL football, but he does lead the league with 11 rushing TDs.

If you’re wondering how his team the River Monsters were doing, well they have the best record in the UIFL at 9-2.

The River Monsters play at home this Saturday vs. the Huntington Hammer at the Bank of Kentucky Center on the campus of Northern Kentucky University. Game time is 7:30.

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Here is one of Jared’s 11 rushing touchdowns.

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