Trevor Lacey Still Has Same Top 2

I spoke to Trevor Lacey yesterday before the Final Four and he said that the report from the Huntsville Times yesterday is false. had this statement in an article about Anthony Grant:
[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK][QUOTE] Blue-chip guard Trevor Lacey will announce his choice on April 13. Kentucky had been in the picture, but the latest indications are that Lacey will choose between Alabama and Auburn.

Trevor said that Kentucky and Alabama are still his top 2 and that is the teams he will be deciding between.

Obviously, the hometown media is trying to pressure Lacey to stay in state and keeps trying to pit the 2 in-state schools as his leaders.

Trevor was really perplexed how people keep putting Auburn into the mix as one of his top schools.

On a side note, Trevor was really excited for the Kentucky game and just hearing his voice you could tell he was excited.

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