Fantastic Four Already Family

Kentucky’s 2011 recruiting class is getting a head start on every incoming class in the nation.

They are already becoming like brothers.
[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK] Playing in the McDonald’s All American Game, the Nike Hoop Summit, and tonight the Jordan Brand Classic the 4 high school superstars are spending a lot of “family” time together.

[QUOTE] [LEFT][COLOR=#000000]“We’re always just hanging out, kicking it with each other and trying to make each other better,” Davis said of his future college teammates.

This isn’t the first weekend the four Wildcats have been together. They’ve been making a tour of national all-star games, which speaks to the quality of coach John Calipari’s latest recruiting class.

If Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones follow through on their plans to enter the NBA draft, Kentucky already has another wave of incoming freshman to fill the various voids.

Teague and Davis are rooming together for a third time on the all-star circuit, creating a friendship that has them planning to room together at Kentucky.

“We have a bond now,” Gilchrist said. “We have so much fun together. I can’t wait to get there.”
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I think Kentucky fans can expect early team chemistry with this group and as well as Coach Cal does at meshing personalities it should be an easy transition for the rest of the team to co-exist with this wonderful quartet of players.

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