Anthony Davis: "We are going to get it done."

Anthony Davis knows there is a job to get done next year and it sounds like he is ready for the challenge.
[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK] [QUOTE] “Our fans love really Kentucky basketball. There isn’t a pro team there so college basketball is their pro team. Two years ago John Wall’s class made it to the Elite Eight. This year they made the Final Four,” Davis said. “Now they think next year is a National Championship. That’s what they are really expecting. That’s what we have to give our fans.”

With the third straight top recruiting class, Calipari and Kentucky have a rabid fan base with incredible expectations wanting more in 2011-2012.

Davis knows it. He also knows that he and his future teammates enter into a daunting task of trying to live up to incredible hype and a steep competitive target in not just making it to the Final Four but also winning the entire tournament.

“That’s very tough. That puts a lot of pressure on us,” Davis said. “We are a good group of guys and we are going to get it done.”
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