Rupp Arena Ranked In Top 10

Rupp Arena is a great place to watch college basketball. The home of the Kentucky Wildcats mens basketball team has been ranked among the top ten most intimidating basketball arenas in college sports. This year it could become even more intimidating with the Big Blue Rag! Here is what Yahoo! Sports had to say about Rupp:[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]

[B]Rupp Arena: Kentucky Wildcats Seats 23,500[/B] Kentucky basketball is on an upswing with their new coach John Calipari and the old mystique of Rupp Arena is back. The Rupp Arena is named for legendary college basketball coach Adolph Rupp and is steeped in history. Playing in Rupp Arena is an intimidating experience if the crowd were not a factor. The crowd is a factor in Rupp Arena and they are loud and create havoc with opponents in their beloved Rupp Arena.

But how long will Rupp Arena be the home? In a recent interview interview, Coach Calipari said that he thinks a new home is going to come to Lexington. “I think they will do a new arena. I think within the next four to five years that will be a reality mainly because of the pride and it is needed. You are talking 30-some years for Rupp,” Coach Calipari said.

When asked if the new Louisville Arena might play a role in a new home for the Wildcats, Calipari had this to say: “That will move people, but believe me we are competing against ourselves. We are not competing against Louisville or anybody else. Maybe I am being arrogant there, but this program competes against itself. I want every high school player in the country saying he wants to play at Kentucky. We have kids right now in the top 10 in this class we are not offering scholarships to and they say we are. They are calling to come to Midnight Madness. ‘No, you don’t have a scholarship here.’ And they are top 10, top five (players). We have who we want. That is what you want. You want that to play at Kentucky is something special.”


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