Has Austin Rivers Decided NOT To Go To UK?

Point guard Austin Rivers has coaches across the nation dreaming of the day they can land a shooter like Rivers. Austin is the son of Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers and it’s obvious he was born with a basketball in his hands. However, is it possible that this top 5 recruit is not considering UK?
[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK] Do you really think so?

Here’s a brief excerpt from fanobserver.com

[QUOTE] As the No. 1 shooting guard in the Class of 2011, Rivers’ elusiveness on the hardwood is one of the skills big-time college coaches marvel at; they admire his quick first step, his confidence and control. But as his recruitment intensifies and heads into a climactic fall, Rivers’ talent in dodging all the curiosity about his college plans has heightened the intrigue.

Four elite college basketball programs remain [B]in the running: Duke, North Carolina, Florida and Kansas. Which means message boards for all four sets of fans frequently buzz with informed chatter and wild speculation.[/B]

And while Rivers has tried to set the record straight, insisting he’s taking his time to make a well thought-out decision, the sincerity of that assertion depends on whose actions and words you put the most stock into.
[/QUOTE]Is it really possible that Rivers has marked UK off his list of considerations? Maybe it’s going to be a last second decision… We’ll see!

Here are some Rivers highlights for those of you that may have missed him playing..

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