Rapper J. Cole Disses Calipari In New Song

Last years basketball season was definitely one to remember. Our new head coach managed to to put the CATS back on top, kiss babies in every county of the state (it seemed like it anyway), and he even managed to put recording artist Drake right in the middle of the madness. Drake is an emerging Rap artist who loves the Wildcats. Unfortunately, not all rap artist feel the same way Drake does.
[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK] Rapper J. Cole took a shot at Calipari on his new release titled “Higher”. It’s been reported that J. Cole and Drake are actually friends and Drake has even brought Cole on stage at a few of his concerts. If that’s true, I think Drake should be more selective with who he runs around with. You never know, J. Cole could be a Loserville fan!!

Here’s the line in Cole’s song that disses Calipari.

[QUOTE]Like Halle Berry, your old n-gga act like a *****, like Tyler Perry
You caught him down in Memphis cheating like Calipari[/QUOTE]Here’s the song…

[B]*************WARNING EXPLICIT LYRICS************************[/B]

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