Patterson Passes on Bucks

Even though Patrick Patterson doesn’t like to show his hand a lot of times, looks like he is feeling pretty confident about the upcoming NBA Draft. Pat has passed on a workout with the Bucks due to having 5 workouts in 5 days and really needing time to rest. The Bucks’ director of scouting was also quoted as saying that Pat and his agent doesn’t think they will make it to the Bucks who have the 15th pick.

Here are a couple of quotes from Pat on the cancellation:

[QUOTE] “No team flat-out said they were going to take me,’’ Patterson said. “No team has said anything like that.’’

Patterson said his decision not to work out for the Bucks had nothing to do with the organization, the city or location.

“Not at all,’’ Patterson said. “Nothing personal at all. It was the schedule. I would have had to work out for five teams in five straight days, and I felt needed a rest at some point to show them my best performance.’
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Whichever team gets Patrick Patterson will be thrilled to get him. I have never looked forward to a NBA Draft before. This one will definitely be epic for Kentucky fans!!

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