Nike Hoop Summit Evaluations of Kentucky Recruits

[URL=””]Flagrant Fouls [/URL]did a breakdown of how each player on the United States team performed during practice the past week at the Nike Hoop Summit. Here are the evaluations of the Kentucky recruits who participated in the event. [QUOTE] [LIST] [*]Brandon Knight: Hands down has been the most aggressive and determined player on the US team. Clearly showing why he’s considered by most the best guard in the country. Knight has been getting to the rim and fininshing like most have never seen him finish before. Powerful dunks from the baseline, runners as if he were from the streets of New York instead of Florida, and consistently hitting from 3 point range.
[*]Terrance Jones: Could argubly be the most outstanding player during this weeks practices. Jones has been exhibiting his entire offensive arsenal, showing a consistent jump shot and also playing effectively in the post. Terrance’s ability to basically do what he wants on the court has become very evident, and tends to beg the question; who will be willing and able to take responsibility of defending on the Internation squad.
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