Revenge of the Nerds

Kentucky had the media to “deal with today”, as Coach Calipari said on his daily Lexy. There was a lot of fun being poked at the Big Red for being in the Ivy League and also to spite the National Media for playing the Nerds vs. Jocks card. Here are videos of the days interviews plus I will be posting tweets from the Carrier Dome while the Cats shoot around.[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]

These videos are from Kentucky Vids:

[B]John Wall talks Cornell and Princeton[/B]

[B]DeMarcus talks about stupid media angle[/B]

[B]Mark Krebs talks about being roomates with Coury[/B]

[B]Patrick Patterson talks about playing Cornell in Sweet 16[/B]

[B]Former Cat Mark Coury talks about playing his former team[/B]

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